Shaolin Zen Musical Ceremony

Shaolin Zen Musical Ceremony is a strongly recommendable show for every tourists visiting shaolin. Built its stage in the valley of 6.5 billions years old Mountain Songshan,involving more than 600 performers, invested 230 million RMB,shaolin Zen musical ceremony successfully combined the quickness of kungfu with the quietness of Zen meditation, merging the martial arts, dance, chinese folk songs together.

The whole show lasts 80 minutes,consisting of five parts: the water chapter, the wood chapter, the wind chapter, the light chapter and the stone chapter.

The show is in the open air, so will not provided in the cold winter . From April to November,every night has the show.The ticket should be reserved in advance.




Ticket Price

Presidential Box: 980 RMB

VIP Section: 428 RMB

A Section : 248 RMB

B Section : 198 RMB

C Section : 168RMB

Children between 1.1 m and 1.4 m:  85 RMB

Note:1. The stage is 7 km away from the Shaolin Temple, you can take a taxi to get. 

         2.The show lasts from 20:10 to 21:30 of every night from April to November, even in the rainny days.