Students age between 12-60, with or without martial arts basics are all welcomed.

While we encourage the teachings of Kung Fu to strengthen and revitalize one's

body,we also encourage the calming and contemplating of one's mind by seeking

stillness within movement.


What we teach 

Barehanded ( For Beginners)- Five Steps Form, Shaolin Shadow Boxing,

Free Combat, The Child's Exercises, Imitative Boxing (scorpion, tiger, hawk, mantis,

snake, etc), Xingyi (Heart-and-Mind), the Lesser and Greater Hong Boxing, Pao

(Cannon) Boxing, Drunken Boxing, Luohan Boxing, Tongbi Boxing, etc


Weapons( For Young) - Cudgel, Broadsword, Spear, Hammer, Shovel, Double Broadswords,

Long Broadsword, Ghost-Head Broadsword, Daggers, Wolf-Teeth Club, Three-

section Stick, Nine-section Chain, etc.

Health-strengthing Exercises( For Elders)- Qi Gong , Eight Forms, Yi Jin Jing (Muscle Change

Classic), Taichi, Massage, etc.


Training Plan

Once upon you decided to come, please inform us what kind of kungfu you are

interested and what you have learnt before. If you know nothing about kungfu

before, no need to worry, we will arrange a special training plan according to your

physical and mental abilities. The following is a rough guide for shaolin kung fu

training of our training center.


Short-term Study (1 week -3 months)

Shaolin kung fu history and theory, basic punching and kicking with flexibility 

training and an introduction to Chi kung and Tai Chi.,15 Shaolin fist forms,

application, Ba Duan Jin,Yi Jin Jing, Meditation, Chinese kick boxing with two

person sparring and 1 or 2 basic weapons such as the staff, whip, sword or

broadsword as well as basic Chinese conversation, Mandarin, Buddhism and 

Calligraphy. All students have the option to learn hard Chi kung which involves 
conditioning areas of your body for fighting such as your hands 
and students who 

study  and cultivate Chi kung will be able to break a house brick in two with their

bare hands. 

Medium-term Study (4 months - 1year)

Shaolin kung fu history and theory, punching and kicking with flexibility training 

and a more indepth study of Chi kung and Tai Chi,Shaolin fist forms including 

paired practice,application, Ba Duan Jin,Yi Jin Jing, Meditation and the option of

learning an animal form, Qin Na, Chinese kick boxing with two person sparring 

and more advanced weapons such as spear, double spear, two-section staff, three-

section staff, double sticks as well as Chinese conversation Mandarin, Buddhism, 

Calligraphy. More advanced levels of hard Chi kung can be reached including

breaking wooden staffs over your legs and arms with no injury and the breaking of 

house bricks using your elbow or knee. 

Long-term Study (over1 - 2 years)

Shaolin kung fu history and theory, punching and kicking with flexibility training

and advanced Chi kung methods and Tai Chi. Over 18 Shaolin fist forms including

application, advanced forms such as tiger,leopard, monkey, snake, crane, mantis, 

eagle and drunken boxing. Ba Duan Jin,Yi Jin Jing,Meditation ,Qin na, Advanced 

weapon paired practice and advanced weapon forms such as double broadsword, 

monkey staff, double hooks, drunken sword, bull whip,southern staff, southern 

sword and double chain whip as well as Chinese language, Calligraphy and

Buddhism. Advanced levels of Chi kung can be reached including using your Chi

to heal illness and injury and advanced hard Chi kung such as breaking an iron bar 

over your head or hammering a nail into wood using the palm of your hand. 


Of course, to what degree each student will achieve depends on the student's physical

and mental abilities, desire, and dedication to practice.


Besides the time off at the weekends, students are given each of the following a 

week's holiday: Christmas, New Year and Chinese Lunar New Year. 

At this time, you can stay at the school (and train if they choose), travel or return

home .


You can bring with you to the school your sports clothes, loose trousers and things

you need from home. In classes, the translator will attend and masters here can

speak simple English. If you want to go out and do something in your spare time, 

the translator can also help you with that.You can buy different kinds of traditional

martial books, martial clothes, and martial equipment with the help of our school

working staff.


Charge Standard

the Group Training

Students who are going to stay for a long time and do not care much about the

living standard for ecnomical reason can choose the group training. You will

train with all the foreign students together following one trainor and live in the

rooms holding 2 or 3 persons.The rooms are not luxury but clean, with attached

bathroom,TV set,AC and free wifi-internet. You will eat with the Chinese students

in a canteen which provide chinese food only. But this will be a good experience

for all the kungfu fans who want to merge into the real life of chinese students.



5:40 Get up
6:00--7:00 Warming-up Training
7:20--7:50 Breakfast
8:40--10:40 Morning Training
12:00--12:40 Lunch
15:30--17:30 Afternoon Training
18:00--18:40 Dinner
19:00--20:00 Chinese Lesson(optional)
21:30 Go to bed



Less than one Month     200 RMB(30 US$) for one Day

Monthly Room& Board:  $350 USD including meals and lodging

Monthly Tuition Fee:       $550 USD training and administration


the Personal Training

The students who already have good kungfu or other martial arts basis,

seeking for furhter progress, staying for a short time may choose the

personal training. We will provide an experienced personal trainor for

you and teach any kind of kungfu according to your requirements. But

we don't provide rooms and you have to choose a hotels nearby to live in.

The best hotel is the Zen International Hotel in the neighborhood, which is

well-equipped and very convenient for studying but of course, the most

expensive one. The fee is about 330 Yuan for a day( including breakfast).

 You may choose other family hotels nearby to live in, about 800m away.

The hotels are clean and convenient too.

This kind of training is much harder than the one of group, so the

training lasts 4 hours a day.

In the morning   9:00-11:00;

In the afternoon 3:00-5:00.


Tuition and Fees

the Cost of Personal training (including Training&Room&Board,

staying in the Zen International Hotel)

Less than One Month      90 US$ for one day

Monthly Room&Board     1300 US$ for meals and lodging

Monthly Tuition              600 US$  for training and Administration


The training fee fluctuates according to the different season you come.

It is possible to provide you a single domitary with a very low price if it is not busy time .

Pls contact us with e-mail to get the cost offer before you come.